Ladies Love Blam Tees


It's somewhat surprising to see so many girls wearing shirts from Blam Tees. There's nothing wrong with them, most of their shirts range from funny to drop dead hilarious, but lots of females seem to be wearing even the more offensive ones. have been around forever, but i've never really seen "cute" girls wearing them. Previously, it was usually just the "cool" chick, who hangs out with all guys, or the trashy girl who will sport a shirt with "the -f- word" just to get as much attention as possible, even if it's negative attention. However, this new trend that I'm seeing, this is different, and for some reason, I'm really perplexed by it. Nice polished "preppy" girls are even wearing them, and to be honest, they do look good in them. I don't know if it's the fact that most of the shirts are so colorful, or if it has something to do with the unique style of graphics. In all honesty, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, considering how many "nice girls" are even sporting multiple tattoos and body piercings these days. Clothing is just temporary, so it does make sense considering the mentality of people today.One question that I have for the women wearing these shirts, do they actually like them based on the looks of the shirt? Or are they wearing them to fit that whole "bad girl" image that seems to becoming increasingly popular. Which also raises the question, if these innocent looking cute girls are wearing them to look like a "bad girl", why do they all seem to be picking the colorful girly "cutesy" ones, but yet, with an offensive message? The only sensible explanation here, is that they may be doing it the for the sake of irony (the shirt is cute and has pretty graphics, but yet it's expressing something outrageous or crazy).It's also possible that most women are simply buying them because their friends are, but even if that's the case, what started this trend to begin with? A "Chicken or The Egg" scenario doesn't really provide a true explanation. It would be interesting to talk to the women who are wearing these t-shirts, and ask why they chose to wear the shirt they're wearing, but it could be taken the wrong way, and I don't want to inadvertently offend anyone.BlamTees has stated that their are all about irony and satire, and thus their style features cute themed graphics, while carrying a far less subtle message. This may partially serve to catch observers off guard, as they think they're looking at some innocent cute shirt, and then BLAM they're suddenly slammed with a crazy or offensive message. To be fair, not all of their designs are offensive, and even the offensive ones, in most cases, tend to be witty. I'm often labeled as a "thinker" and I can appreciate their brand and style for what it is, but I honestly doubt the average person is actually wearing their shirts because of this ongoing theme they have, I just don't think everyone actually picks up on it or appreciates the irony. I don't know for sure though, so that's of course open for debate.Just a fair warning though, if you notice cute girls walking around, who are genuinely nice and decent acting, don't be caught off guard if they happen to be wearing one of the cutest offensive t-shirts you've even seen, as it's becoming more and more common. I'm calling it The phenomenon.Make no mistake, it's not merely this one type of girl wearing them, all types of girls seem to be into these t-shirts, but this particular demographic is the only one that surprises me.