3D TV Is the Future


Technology changes daily, and because of our nature, we fight to keep up. Remember the days of the old black and white televisions that you had to actually get up off the couch to change the channels on? Those days are long gone, thanks to mammoth jumps in technological advances. Today, we have HDTVs and now the new 3DTVs, and that folks is the future of television: 3D News3D TVs.
People have always had a fascination for going to the cinema and watching a 3D movie; but, now we can do this from the comforts of our own living rooms. This development in the television world has brought 3D viewing home for the masses. This is even being developed for gaming, cellphones, and computers.
3D televisions bring home the experience of watching movies in the theater. This means more realistic movie-watching, and even regular television is in three dimensions. You do have to wear special glasses to obtain the full effect, but this is to be expected.

In 2011, however, the technology of 3D television viewing is expanding. In 2010, all manufacturers created special glasses that could only be used with their brand of television set. The first innovation being seen this year is universal glasses that work with all makes and models. Shortly, however, technology is being developed that will do away with the need for glasses all together. These are already being highlighted in the Japanese markets, and will soon be in the states.
As far as the 3D entertainment industry as a whole, Nintendo is already jumping on board with the newest version of the DS, the 3DS. The focus is still on television, but this is notable because it shows how popular this viewing method is becoming. Leading television manufacturers already have prototypes on display. Experts are saying that these latest development in television technology is not only going to be a boon for the industry, but it will come at a very affordable price, as well. Mobile 3D televisions will be the next wave of the future, set for release in late 2012.
This technology has been harnessed in every arena from 3D games to 3D conversion. The future of this industry is indeed very bright, and sales by 2015 are expected to top $100 billion.
The main focus right now is to provide more programming on local television that will be in the 3D format for these new televisions. It is expected that to begin with, people will mainly use this technology for the viewing of movies, but imagine all your favorite television shows in 3D, as well. Xbox is even set to release their own 3D games very soon.
Being able to watch a three dimensional television is a pleasurable experience, and new content is being added to all the major networks all the time. To find out more information, visit the various websites of the different television manufacturers to see when your favorite will be releasing the television of your dreams. There is nothing better.

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